Even angel’s drink bourbon!

 About Angel’s Share Magazine


Proudly over the last few years I have earned the title of, “Bourbon Babe,” “Bourbon Girl,” “Whiskey Chick,” “Whiskey Babe”…and the list goes on. This always makes me smile and chuckle, and for the record, I plan to defend these titles as I believe I have rightfully earned them. I imagine my love for whiskey must be apparent, as I have decided to dedicate a publication in it’s entirety to whiskey. I hope you see that admiration within the pages of this magazine. Another tidbit about me, that further proved my passion for whiskey (and which just may send the ABC out looking for me), I am currently learning the art of distilling whiskey! It was in my education that I learned of the term “angel’s share,” and credit the title of this magazine. Because this is the inception of Angel’s Share Magazine, this would be a good time to explain the meaning behind the term we have adopted for its name sake. I found the best explanation for the term “Angels’ Share” in a book by Matthew B. Rowley called Moonshine! Thank you so much Matthew for your wonderful reference to this special term, and for the tips on making corn whiskey! Cheers! Lara Guerra Angel’s Share Magazine Founder/Publisher THE ANGELS’ SHARE One of the most magical things you’re likely to encounter traveling through Kentucky is the smell of a bourbon distillery. From malty, yeasty fermentation vats full of bubbling mash to the heady aromas of the bottling line, these places are wonderlands of intoxicating aromas. None, however, compares to that of an outdoor bourbon warehouse with its racks upon racks of wooden barrels stretching into the dark recesses of its ceilings. Because wood is a semi-porous material, spirits aging in the barrels slowly seep back and forth into the charred wood with seasonal temperature variations. Warm weather causes barrels to open and breathe, allowing them to take on whiskey a little like a sponge. With the coming of winter, the barrels constrict and force the whiskey back into the center. A small percentage of the spirits actually escape the barrels entirely, evaporating to fill the atmosphere of loosely closed warehouses. This lost whiskey distillers call “the angels’ share.” Close your eyes in a dark warehouse, inhale its sweet, clear, grainy bourbon essence, and you will understand the heavenly metaphor instantly. – Excerpt from Moonshine by Matthew B. Rowley…


Mission Statement


Our mission at Angel’s Share Magazine is to blend two contrasting, yet distinct components of whiskey: the old, with the new. This spirit is unique with its rich history and promising future, and we here at Angel Share Magazine, appreciate the relationship between the two. Our mission is to honor this balance. Our approach is one which will broaden the current demographic of whiskey drinkers by targeting a younger generation of whiskey connoisseurs. We aim to educate on the history and tradition of whiskey. We will pay homage to its founders, and respect to its birth. Likewise, Angel’s Share Magazine will discover today’s whiskey trends and fresh news in consideration of this spirits growing popularity. Angel’s Share Magazine will create a place for all lovers of whiskey — whether your whiskey affair stems a lifetime, or is just in development, we are your resource for all things whiskey….